About Us.

The World's most advanced systems

Osborne House, Isle of Wight
3 year major restoration project

over 5200 bank projects
successfully completed

Our Systems

UBX (Est. 1987) A British company specialising in the design, manufacture and installation of the most advanced outdoor intruder prevention systems.

  • The UBX systems provide an invisible electronic energy shield to totally protect a building or site.
  • The systems are rapidly deployed, wire free, utilizing the UBX “Unique Band X ” patented technology.
  • The UBX systems have been independently trialled and fully approved by BT, HSBC and RBS to meet their approved security specifications. In excess of 5200 bank projects and over 375 major BT projects have been successfully completed.

Our Values

We drive our commitment to provide security to the highest possible standards utilizing our unique skills.

Stourhead, National Trust
major project completed

Roman Baths, Somerset
2 major restoration projects

Our Heritage

Established over 30 years we are the innovators of and hold international patents for electronic scaffold security. Additionally we provide be-spoke security systems for varied applications. We are proud to have successfully secured some of the nations most iconic buildings with a proven faultless 30 year track record providing our clients with exceptional, outstanding end to end security during restoration, refurbishment processes. Our exemplary record of many 1000’s of successfully completed security installations and zero break-ins (in spite of several attempts made) is testament to our unique technology and methodology know how.

Our Strategy

To continue to innovate building a business that through quality delivers sustainable growth by attracting excellent personnel and capabilities. The company is at all times focused on achieving excellence:

  • To meet the requirements of wide and varied projects.
  • To deliver contracts with unsurpassed excellence to our clients satisfaction.
  • To win contracts whether large or small throughout the UK and overseas which enable us to combine all our skills and resources to deliver excellence

International VIPs

Major contracts since 1988

Geneva, Switzerland